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Website Design & Marketing

Website Design & Marketing

Website Design

A high-quality online business presence is crucial in today’s market. We will guide you through the entire website design and development process from web consulting toward launch day to ensure a smooth and professional online engagement. Already have a website and want a re-design or refresh?  No problem! We effectively gather your current website data and begin to structure it within a new look and feel.

Whether it’s a new website or simply a website redesign, let us begin building the website of your dreams, contact us today!

Web Application Development

Some businesses require their website design to function as an application rather than a simple informational website.  Web applications are defined as sites such as Facebook (Social Media Application) or eBay (e-Commerce Auction Application) that provide the visitor an online service and/or experience.

We build effective web applications for small businesses wanting to provide their users an interactive experience.  Contact us today to get started.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is required in order to have a website, web application, or database online and ready to deliver to your visitors.  These are physical servers that are located in data centers across the world that operate 24/7 in a controlled and secure environment.

Some web hosting companies have poor service reliability mostly due to their chosen data center but can be a result of insufficient maintenance as well.  We provide you with a 99.9% network up time guarantee — and if we don’t meet it, we offer a month free of service.  Plain and simple.  Contact us to get started.

Website Maintenance

Most company websites require weekly, monthly or even daily website maintenance and updates. If you’re hiring an employee to perform these tasks, think about the hourly wage and experience they have.  Most of the time, it requires much more time to perform website updates than it would with a professional handling it.

We provide web content maintenance such as textual, image, video, or any update your website or application requires.  Contact us to begin website maintenance.

Domain Name Registration

The very first step of publishing a website is to register a domain name of your choice.  There are billions of unregistered domain names available for you to choose from, although, many already acquired.  For many, it is a daunting task to manage and connect your domain name to servers for which it will handle content.  Therefore, we provide domain registration and management services to make the process easier for you.  Contact us to register your domain name today.

Social Media Integration

Today, we have a plethora of social media options to choose from.  From Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, the list goes on and on.  If your website is not listed in any of these services, you’re missing out in a very large opportunity of exposure.

We provide social media page development and website design integration services to build and connect your current website to the masses.  Contact us today to get started.

Database Development

If your website is an application (a web application) chances are it operates using a database in the background.  A web database provides a way to store and retrieve stored information to present to your visitors during a web application session.  Example, when you upload a image to Facebook, it gets stored in a web database for cataloging and later viewing.

We provide database development and maintenance for MySQL, MSSQL, and more.  Contact us today to get started.

Website Security and Hardening

Web security and hardening is necessary for most company websites.  Today’s websites are usually powered by a content management system or publishing platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more.  If these platforms are not maintained or secured properly, your website is awaiting an attack.

We provide complete security maintenance for full-scale web applications to ensure your website’s reliability.  Contact us today to secure your website.

Mobile App Development

Are you seeking a Mobile App Developer to build an iPhone App or Android App for your idea or business?  Look no further!

We provide Mobile App Development services for individuals with creative ideas or businesses wanting to develop an additional tool.  Contact us today to learn more about iPhone and Android Mobile App Development.